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    Texas Fire Code (Section 503.3) Fire Lane Marking

    SECTION 503.3 Marking. Section 503.3 (IFC) is amended as follows: Approved striping or, when allowed by the fire marshal, signs, or both, shall be provided for fire apparatus access roads to identify such roads or prohibit the obstruction thereof. Signs and striping shall be maintained in a clean and legible condition at all times and be replaced or repaired when necessary to provide adequate visibility.

    Striping - Fire apparatus access roads shall be marked by painted lines of reflective red traffic paint a minimum of four (4") or a maximum of six (6") inches in width to show the boundaries of the lane. The words "NO PARKING - FIRE LANE" or "FIRE LANE - NO PARKING" shall appear in four inch (4") white letters at 25 feet intervals on the red bordered marking along both sides of the fire lane. Where a curb is available, the stripping shall be on the vertical face of the curb.

    Signs - shall read "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" or "FIRE LANE NO PARKING" and shall be a minimum of 12" wide and 18" high. Signs shall be reflective, on a white background with letters and borders in red, using not less than 2" lettering. Signs shall be permanently affixed to a stationary post and the bottom of the sign shall be six feet, six inches (6'6") above finished grade. Signs shall be spaced not more than fifty feet (50') apart. Signs shall be installed on permanent buildings or wall or as approved by the fire marshal.

    Reflective Supplemental Address - shall be installed in conjunction with fire lane marking at all multi-family occupancies in excess of four dwelling units, club rooms and offices where a single street address number is used to designate the buildings official address.

    The marking shall be a minimum of a 24" by 12" red rectangle painted on the pavement, in conjunction to the red fire lane markings.

    The red rectangle shall have white reflective numbers that indicate the street address of the building. Numbers shall be in a bold font, measuring a minimum of 10" in height, easily readable from a moving vehicle.
    Supplemental street numbers shall only be installed on private property, near the center of the building. Where the front and an end of the building border a fire lane the numbers shall be required on each side.

    Maintenance of the supplemental numbers shall be the same as required for fire lanes.

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